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Elbow Push Recovery from Double Under Part 1

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Closed Guard Attacks (Part 1)

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 2m 44s

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  • Elbow Push Recovery from Double Under...

    When you make it difficult for the opponent to fold and stack you in the double under, he tends to try folding and stacking you on one side only. If you do not let him get an anchor grip on your collar, you can perform an elbow push to recover guard.

  • Maintaining Omoplata control when opp...

    When you enter the omoplata, and your opponent attempts to counter by posturing, your can use this prinicple of staying behind his knee line to maintain your omoplata hold. This technique was inspired by a Clark Gracie seminar.

  • Basic Spider Guard Pass

    When your opponent controls both sleeves and uses his foot on your far bicep to recover guard each time you try to throw his leg off your bicep to pass, you can use these principles to find the opportunity pass.