Class Instructions

Class Instructions

These are videos of the instructions during classes at VR Jiu-Jitsu. Ideal for the VRJJ student who needs to review techniques taught in class or to keep up to date on the week's topics.

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Class Instructions
  • CLASS: Basics of the Lasso Catapult Sweep (8-Apr-24)

    When you have double sleeve grips from closed guard or from standing open guard, you can enter the Lasso Catapult Sweep by entangling your leg around one arm. Then you put your other shin across the opponent's body to execute a sweep. You can overcome common resistance by the opponent such as rot...

  • CLASS: Lasso Attacks on Farside (8-Apr-24)

    When you have a tight lasso grip on the opponent's arm, you can use it to move the opponent's shoulder to the mat and attack his farside with a corkscrew armbar, switch backtake, or omoplata.

  • CLASS: Stack Pass Basics and Common Counters (5-Apr-24)

    When you have double unders from the opponent's open guard, you can do the stack pass by using your body pressure on his legs to complete a pass. When you modify the pass to pin the farside knee to the mat, you can also create a passing opportunity on the other side. This class also shows two com...

  • CLASS: Counters to the Stack Pass (4-Apr-24)

    When your opponent attempts a Stack Pass, put your feet on his hips and grip both of his sleeves. Then you can enter a backtake, triangle, or omoplata. If he gets your legs onto his shoulders where you cannot put your feet on his hips, you can do the elbow push to retain your guard.

  • CLASS: Double Under Stack Pass and Over-Under options (3-Apr-24)

    When your opponent's legs are open, you can secure double underhooks on his legs to enter the stack pass by lifting his hips high. If you cannot lift his hips, you can enter the Over-Under option where you pin his far knee to the mat, which will give you options of the stack pass or knee cut. If ...

  • CLASS: Attacks from Turtle and Crucifix positions (1-Apr-24)

    When you are in the top position of your opponent's turtle, you can enter the Crucifix position by capturing his nearside arm between your legs and his farside arm with your arms. Then you can launch attacks of the choke, armbar, and kimura.

  • CLASS: Lapel attacks from Half Guard top (28-Mar-24)

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard top position and the opponent turns into you, you can use the opponent's farside lapel to do the brabo choke with or without his arm trapped. If he turns away, you can use the lapel to take his back and immediately choke him.

  • CLASS: Passing the Half Guard using opponent's lapel (27-Mar-24)

    When you have chest-to-chest-half guard, you can use the opponent's farside lapel to pin his shoulder for a pass technique. You can also use the farside lapel for a choke option without passing the guard.

  • CLASS: Half Guard Pass using opponent's lapel (25-Mar-24)

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard, you can pass by securing a grip on the opponent's farside lapel under his armpit. This video deals with the basic technique and how to deal with common resistance.

  • CLASS: Lapel and Collar Chokes from top (25-Mar-24)

    When you have side control or knee ride, you can secure palm up and palm down grips on the opponent's collar or farside lapel to enter chokes from North South. You can also use the same 2 grips on either the collar or lapel to enter the Baseball Bat Choke.

  • CLASS: Entries to Butterfly Hook Sweep (22-Mar-24)

    When your opponent is on his knees and you have a cross sleeve grip, you can do an arm drag to secure a grip on his back and enter the hook sweep. You can also enter the hook sweep from the opponent's knee slice pass attempt.

  • CLASS: Common uses for Butterfly Guard (21-Mar-24)

    The most common uses for the butterfly guard is to do a sweep either with same-side sleeve grip or cross-sleeve grip, guard recovery from side control, or entry into the Single Leg X position (Irimi Ashi entanglement).

  • CLASS: Butterfly Guard attacks with Collar and Sleeve Grips (19-Mar-24)

    When you have a seated butterfly guard with the cross collar and same-side sleeve grips, you can perform a collar drag and secure the belt grip or farside armpit grip. Depending on the opponent's reaction, you can attack sweeps, armlocks or the barataplata.

  • CLASS: Sneaky Helicopter Choke entries (15-Mar-24)

    You can do sneaky entries into the Helicopter Choke from the opponent's turtle, when he escapes your back control, and from your side control.

  • CLASS: Sneaky Entries to Clock Choke (14-Mar-24)

    When you have the choke grip from back control, you can enter the clock choke when you don't have hooks engaged and you have a good seat belt. You can also enter the clock choke from side control when he turns into you or away from you.

  • CLASS: Common variations of Clock Choke from turtle (13-Mar-24)

    The mechanics of the basic clock choke from the opponent's turtle position. Variations include armpit over the neck, and blocking the hip movement by grabbing the leg.

  • CLASS: Clock Choke Defenses from Turtle Bottom (11-Mar-24)

    When your opponent attempts a clock choke on your turtle position, you can sweep him over your far shoulder, bump sweep him with your back, or get an underhook to secure the single leg sweep.

  • CLASS: Review of Clark Gracie Seminar from Feb 2024 (10-Mar-24)

    Clark Gracie and his brother Ralston gave a detailed seminar at VRJJ on Wednesday 21st February 2024. This video is a review of many of the techniques that were taught at that seminar.

  • CLASS: Attacks from Guard Pull with collar-sleeve grips (8-Mar-24)

    When you are pulling guard with the collar and sleeve grips on the same side, you can enter the omoplata or scissors sweep with the foot on his far bicep. If his hand pops out of the omoplata position, you can quickly execute a wrenching armbar without moving your hip position.

  • CLASS: Attacks from Guard Pull (7-Mar-24)

    From a guard pull with the foot on the hip and collar and sleeve grips, you can do a nearside armbar, farside armbar, omoplata, or scissors sweep to mount.

  • CLASS: Basic Guard Pulls with foot on the hip (6-Mar-24)

    A common way to pull guard is to get collar and sleep and then place the foot on the hip with tension. This method allows you to sit safely while keeping the distance from the opponent once you sit.

  • CLASS: Counters to Guard Pull (4-Mar-24)

    When you can anticipate the opponent's foot-on-hip guard pull, you can counter by parrying or pushing the leg down for a pass. You can also counter the grip the sleeve and pant to perform the Sheet Pull pass.

  • CLASS: Options for Cutting Armbar setup from Closed Guard (1-Mar-24)

    From closed guard, set up the double or single cutting armbar when you get two or one hand on the mat. If the single cutting armbar fails because he curls his arm around your body, transition to the omoplata.

  • CLASS: Entries and Variations for Cutting Armbar (29-Feb-24)

    Enter the Cutting Armbar from closed guard when the opponent's hands are on the mat and you can trap his wrists at your hip or armpit. You can also enter the cutting armbar when he extends his arms to grab your leg.