Class Instructions

Class Instructions

These are videos of the instructions during classes at VR Jiu-Jitsu. Ideal for the VRJJ student who needs to review techniques taught in class or to keep up to date on the week's topics.

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Class Instructions
  • CLASS: Backtake & Armbar Counters to Kimura Defense of Belt Grip (17-Jun-24)

    When the opponent defends your Kimura from closed guard by gripping his belt, you can move your hips and legs to transform your attack to a backtake or armbar.

  • CLASS: Breaking Armbar Defense Grips (14-Jun-24)

    When the opponent defends your Armbar from Mount with a defensive grip (wrist grip, S-grip, gable grip, or figure 4 bicep grip), you can break the grip to complete the armbar without switching your position.

  • CLASS: Breaking Defensive Grips on your Armbar from Mount (13-Jun-24)

    Learn how to break the Wrist grip, Gable grip, and Figure 4 bicep grip to complete your Armbar from Mount. You can also do a bicep slicer on his Figure 4 bicep grip.

  • CLASS: Setup and Finishing the Armbar from S-Mount (12-Jun-24)

    Understanding the Armbar from S-mount can be broken down into the finishing part, the falling back part and the entry from regular mount. Coach Riki details the fundamental process starting with the finishing part.

  • CLASS: S-Mount Armbar Position, Maintenance, and Finish (10-Jun-24)

    When you have mount, the S-Mount position will give you tight control of the arms so that you can finish an armbar. This video shows you a way on how to enter it from a low mount, how to keep the position tight, how to deal with the defending arm, how to switch the side of the S-Mount, and how to...

  • CLASS: Counters to the Hitchhiker Armbar Escape (10-Jun-24)

    When the opponent does the Hitchhiker escape from your Armbar from mount, you can configure your legs to catch him in a triangle choke hold, Armbar, or Tarikoplata shoulder lock.

  • CLASS: Brabo and Loop Chokes from Cross Collar or Lapel Grip (7-Jun-24)

    When you have the cross lapel grip, you can enter the Brabo Choke from Guard or from Side Control top. If you have the Cross Collar grip, you can enter the Loop Choke and finish in half guard, or finish with the arm in.

  • CLASS: Attacks from Cross-Collar or Cross-Lapel Grip (6-Jun-24)

    When you are in side control, use the opponent's far lapel to set up a Brabo Choke using cross lapel grip. When you have the cross collar grip, you can use the collar drag to set up a cross collar choke. When you have the Collar & Sleeve guard, you can use the Scissors sweep to set up the Right-A...

  • CLASS: Basic Cross Collar Choke with Common Grip Variations (5-Jun-24)

    The Cross Collar Choke requires a deep cross collar grip with a clean connection to the opponent's carotid artery on the neck. Your second grip can vary to keep the head and shoulders still while you apply the choke. This video explores common variations of the grip and control of the opponent's ...

  • CLASS: Submission Attacks from Collar & Sleeve Guard (4-Jun-24)

    The Collar & Sleeve Guard is the cross-collar and same-side sleeve grips with your foot on his far bicep. Learn how to retain this guard and launch submission attacks from it. You can enter the Triangle hold where you can finish an Armbar or Choke. If you pass your leg under his armpit and over h...

  • CLASS: Attacks when opponent defends the Collar Drag (31-May-24)

    When the opponent underhooks you to do defend the collar drag, you can enter the omoplata position and complete a shoulder lock or sweep. If he stiff arms you to defend the collar drag, you can enter a corkscrew armbar or wrenching armbar. If he does not tap and does not roll, you can get onto yo...

  • CLASS: Collar Drag to Omoplata or Armbar (30-May-24)

    When your attempt a Collar Drag sweep, and the opponent defends with an underhook, you can attack the Omoplata. If he defends with a collar grip, you can attack with a corkscrew armbar or a wrenching armbar.

  • CLASS: Collar Drag Sweep and Takedown with Backtake option (29-May-24)

    When you can secure a cross collar grip, you can do a sweep from the seated butterfly guard. If you both are standing, then the cross collar grip will give you the opportunity for a takedown by getting to the leg. If his hands and knees are on the mat from the collar drag, you also have the optio...

  • CLASS: Collar Drag Sweep and Takedown (27-May-24)

    When you secure a cross collar grip on the opponent, you can drag his upper body passed your body to get closer to his leg. If you do this from a seated butterfly guard, you can flip him over for a sweep. If you do this from standing, you can flip him over for a takedown. If he stands up, you can...

  • CLASS: Collar Drag to Loop Choke and Omoplata (27-May-24)

    When you attempt the Collar Drag sweep from the seated Butterfly Guard, and your opponent circles his legs away from you, you can trap his head to threaten the Loop Choke. He either rolls out of the choke and you get side control, or you can finish the loop choke by grabbing his leg to enter the ...

  • CLASS: Footlocks from Butterfly Ashi position (24-May-24)

    When you have the foot and leg trapped, but your opponent defends your body's rotation, you can reconfigure the leg entanglement to Butterfly Ashi to assist in the finishing of the straight footlock. You can enter the Butterfly Ashi directly or from the Single Leg X (SLX) position while the oppon...

  • CLASS: Straight Footlock from Butterfly Ashi (23-May-24)

    The Butterfly Ashi position is a type of leg entanglement for a straight footlock. Normally entered from a reconfiguration of the Single Leg X (SLX) entanglement. You can apply the Butterfly Ashi entanglement and finish the straight footlock when the opponent is seated or standing.

  • CLASS: Finishing the Basic Straight Footlock (22-May-24)

    How to set up a tight clamp on the foot and the leg to finish the straight footlock. We go over the common defenses of the "boot" and keeping your leg clamp open. If they pop your foot off the hip to open your leg clamp, you rotate to prevent further defenses.

  • CLASS: Basics of Straight Footlock from Straight Ashi (20-May-24)

    Fundamentals of the Straight Footlock (aka Ankle Lock) submission from the Straight Ashi position (aka Single Leg X or SLX), including dealing with common defense and escape reactions such as "putting on boot" and rotating out.

  • CLASS: Footlock sequence from top position of a Closed Guard Break (20-May-24)

    After breaking the closed guard in the top position, immediately catch the foot and fall into the Single Leg X position for a footlock. If the opponent hops off your leg, you can switch to attack the other foot. If he stands up, you can still attack the footlock if you keep his weight on the far ...

  • CLASS: Escapes from Arm Triangle (16-May-24)

    When your opponent locks in the Arm Triangle (aka Head & Arm Choke), you can escape by pulling your arm back in front of his head or by bridging away from him and move towards getting back onto your knees. When an opponent does one of these escapes on you, you can reconfigure your submission hold...

  • CLASS: Arm Triangle with finish in Mount or Half Guard (15-May-24)

    You can enter the Arm Triangle (aka Head & Arm Choke) from your side control and finish Knee Ride, Mount, or in Half Guard so long as you drop adjust the appropriate areas and tighten the choke by dropping your outside hip weight.

  • CLASS: Basics of the Arm Triangle (Head & Arm Choke) (13-May-24)

    The Arm Triangle (aka Head & Arm Choke) can be set up from Side Control or Mount with emphasis on adjusting the tightness and location of the shoulder on the opponent's neck.

  • CLASS: Escaping the Arm Triangle (13-May-24)

    You can defend against the Arm Triangle Choke (aka Head & Arm Choke) by grabbing your leg. From there you can rock up and then back to put your arm back in front of his head, or you can rock to your side and then bridge away from him while turning onto your knees. You can also bridge immediately ...