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Corkscrew Armbar entry from De La Riva

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 18s

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  • Corkscrew Armbar entry from Back Control

    When your opponent puts his hands on the mat and raises his hips in attempt to escape your back control, you can slide your hips towards his head on the underhook side and go into the corkscrew armbar.

  • Corkscrew Armbar Entry from Omoplata

    When you start the omoplata from closed guard, and your opponent pulls his arm out from your hip, you grab the hand and rotate belly down to hook your foot on the back of his neck and clamp his arm between your thighs. Then continue to rotate over your forehead towards his feet and finish the arm...

  • Finishing Mechanics of Corkscrew Armbar

    The Corkscrew Armbar is an attack on the nearside arm when you lift your hips and go belly down, catching his arm between your thighs as you rotate your face towards his feet. This video shows the finishing mechanics after you rotate towards his feet.