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Half Guard Pass using opponent's farside lapel

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  • Baseball Bat Choke from Knee Ride

    From your knee ride, you can secure a palm up and palm down grips on the opponent's collar. Then move your hips into a more north south position to complete the Baseball Bat Choke. If the opponent turns on to his knees, you can continue tightening the choke from underneath him.

  • North South Choke from top using oppo...

    When you have a dominant top position, secure a palm up grip and a palm down grip on the opponent's collar or farside lapel to enter a choke from the north-south position.

  • Butterfly Hook Sweep from opponent's ...

    When the opponent attempts a Knee Cut pass, defend by entering the Reverse De La Riva guard. Then use your butterfly hook to put his knee to the mat and secure grip on his far collar and sleeve. Then lift his leg to complete the Hook Sweep.