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Heel Hook Defense from 50/50 and Outside Ashi

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 4m 42s

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  • Heel Hook Defense from Inside Sankaku

    When the opponent has Inside Sankaku (Saddle) position, do the "running man" leg configuration by turning your heel into his body and pull your free leg away from him. Then apply a hand wedge and begin pulling your knee free of his knee plane.

  • Americana and Cutting Armlock from Mount

    When you are in mount, and the opponent pulls his arm in tight, you can use your body weight to push the wrist to the mat to begin separating his arm for an Americana or cutting armbar.

  • Chest-to-Chest Armlock when opponent ...

    When you are attempting a chest-to-chest armlock on the farside arm from your side control, and the opponent defends by turning his palm down, you can still finish the armlock by putting the head side arm under his arm so that your bicep is against his elbow. Then wrench his wrist and push his ar...