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Scraping and Sinking Escapes From Opponent's Back Control

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  • Ryan Hall Kimura Variation from Crucifix

    From the Crucifix, pass leg over the head to trap his head. Then you can use one hand to finish to finish the Kimura, regardless of whether or not he tries to defend by grabbing his other hand.

  • Kimura Variation From Side Control Wh...

    When opponent grabs his belt to defend the Kimura, push his wrist towards the mat, grab your bicep closest to his wrist, then grab your tricep on the other arm. Then sit through your hips on the same side to lift shoulder.

  • Kimura from side control by rolling w...

    You can start the kimura from side control, but this variation is rolling the opponent's wrist inwards. Then you move your hips to the same side as the kimura lock, and sit through to lift the shoulder up but keep his head down with your armpit weight.