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Spider Scissor to 70/30 Sweep to Leg Drag

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 6m 22s

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  • Triangle Entry from Spider Guard Scis...

    When you attempt the Spider Guard Scissor Sweep and the opponent lifts up a knee to defend, you can enter the triangle by using your foot on his hip to raise your hips while moving your foot on the bicep over his shoulder.

  • Spider Guard Scissor Sweep from Kneel...

    When you have Spider Guard you can do the Scissor Sweep on the opponent, whether he is kneeling or standing on the mat. The principle is the same where you extend one foot on a bicep and weaken his base by using your other leg to control his leg on the sweep side.

  • Retaining Spider Guard from Opponent'...

    When you enter Spider Guard with double sleeve grips, you can retain your spider guard from your opponent's attempt at controlling your legs by keeping his posture broken, constantly using your grips and feet to square back up, and sitting up if he throws your legs to one side. This video introdu...