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Keeping a tight spin for Farside Armbar

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 45s

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    When the opponent defends your farside armbar by grabbing a gable grip, you put both legs on the other side and cross your feet under his far elbow. Then you pull at the wrist and lean away from his hips to maximize the weakness of his grip. Then you can break the grip.

  • Armlock from Americana when opponent ...

    When you are attempting an Americana from side control, and the opponent straightens his arm to defend, you can catch him in an armlock using the same configuration of your arms.

  • Omoplata from Side Control when oppon...

    When you have side control, but the opponent gets an underhook and turns onto his side intending to get onto his knees, you throw your leg over and catch an omoplata, ensuring that you land him face down with your body leaning forward.