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CLASS: Loop Choke Arm-In Options (18-Aug-23)

Class Instructions • 9m 50s

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    When you are turtle top, you can push the opponent's head into your armpit and secure the nearside arm before executing a gator roll. You can finish on your back or backwards roll to finish in top side control. You can also use this set up to pass the half guard when he gets an underhook.

  • CLASS: Basics of Loop Choke (16-Aug-23)

    Basic entry and finishing mechanics of the loop choke. Entry from butterfly guard and finishing with leg over the shoulder or in half guard. Also entry from a smashed kneeshield half guard.

  • CLASS: Jay Pages Loop Choke (15-Aug-23)

    Jay Pages developed a modified loop choke using the lapel and collar grips on the same side. You can easily control the neck with these grips which allows you to switch sides if he ducks under or put him under a dominant position if he attempts to spin out of it.