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CLASS: Ouchi Gari and Uchi Mata Takedowns (24-Aug-23)

Class Instructions • 9m 5s

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  • CLASS: Osoto Gari, Ankle Pick & Doubl...

    This class introduces 3 takedowns: (1) Osoto Gari using collar and sleeve grip, (2) Ankle Pick with transitions from Osoto Gari or no-gi entry, (3) Double leg with quick transition from single leg with head on the inside, and from shoot in with head on the outside.

  • CLASS: Osoto Gari Counter and Inside ...

    When the opponent attempts an Osoto Gari takedown on you, you can time his entry and execute your own Osoto Gari takedown. If the opponent steps his leg back to defend the Osoto Gari, you can drop to one knee and do an inside leg reap while grabbing the other leg.

  • CLASS: Uchi Mata Takedown (21-Aug-23)

    Uchi Mata takedown from the underhook/whizzer connection where the guy with the underhook on the leg gets the takedown. Set up can also be from the failed Osoto Gari takedown. Also options to go from Uchi Mata to Ankle Pick or Uchi Mata takedown to Armbar.