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CLASS: Passing Seated Guard to Subs (3-Oct-23)

Class Instructions • 12m

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    Use this passing combination while standing in the opponent's seated guard. Secure a collar grip and opposite pant grips to launch into a sequence using elements of shin-on-shin, X-pass, and knee cut.

  • CLASS: Seated Guard and Single Leg (2...

    When you have the seated guard, you are always threatening a single leg sweep or takedown by always leaning forward. When you hook a leg with your inside leg and hug that leg from your opposite arm, you can get up onto your feet to drive him to the mat.

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    You can enter the Toe Hold form SLX bottom by forcing the opponent to turn away by pushing behind his knee and then catching his toes when it's off the mat. You can also use that position to catch a kneebar. To enter the Toe Hold from the top position of SLX, you disengage both of his feet from y...