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CLASS: De La Riva basic entries and single leg sweeps (29-Nov-23)

Class Instructions • 11m

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    When you have the opponent's collar grip from within your De La Riva (DLR) guard, you can do a leg hook sweep and finish with a knee cut pass. Or, you can get a deep DLR hook sweep and end up in the mount or smash position. Either sweeps can be done from the opponent's combat base or standing.

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    When your opponent stacks you from closed guard, you can climb the guard using your legs until you lock down the shoulder so that he cannot pull back his elbow. Then pass the leg over the head and you can finish in either directions, as long as your hips stay tight to his armpit.

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    This sequence shows you how to pull guard into a standard armbar, and attack the other arm if he defends the first armbar by pulling out his elbow.