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CLASS: Lapel and Collar Chokes from top (25-Mar-24)

Class Instructions • 11m

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    When your opponent is on his knees and you have a cross sleeve grip, you can do an arm drag to secure a grip on his back and enter the hook sweep. You can also enter the hook sweep from the opponent's knee slice pass attempt.

  • CLASS: Common uses for Butterfly Guar...

    The most common uses for the butterfly guard is to do a sweep either with same-side sleeve grip or cross-sleeve grip, guard recovery from side control, or entry into the Single Leg X position (Irimi Ashi entanglement).

  • CLASS: Butterfly Guard attacks with C...

    When you have a seated butterfly guard with the cross collar and same-side sleeve grips, you can perform a collar drag and secure the belt grip or farside armpit grip. Depending on the opponent's reaction, you can attack sweeps, armlocks or the barataplata.