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  • Queenstown Seminar Review 6 Aug 2022

    Drills for practicing X guard entry from far away and nearby. Ankle pick, Sit up, overhead, and single leg X sweeps from X-guard. X-guard to backtake when you sit up for a sweep.

  • Hippoplata to Counter the Over Under Pass

    The Hippoplata can be used as a counter to the Over Under Pass. This move was made popular by Andre Galvao. This video shows you a use for it in countering the Over Under Pass so that you end up in the top Crucifix position.

  • Reverse Half Guard Pass

    This video defines the reverse half guard and explains when it's applicable. It also shows details of how to successfully pass the reverse half guard.

  • Countering the vampire defense from your S-mount using your lapel

    When your get to S-mount, your opponent may present a very tight vampire defense where his arms are folded on top of each other and he strongly grips his collar so that you cannot get underneath his wrists.

    This video describes how you can use the threat of a lapel choke to get him to voluntari...

  • Barataplata from Closed Guard

    The Barataplata is a shoulder lock similar to the Kimura, but it's finished using your hip movement rather than your arms. This video shows how to enter the Barataplata lock from closed guard and the key details on finishing it.