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WORKSHOP: Passing the Half Guard (27-Aug-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 40m

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  • CLASS: X-Guard to Saddle to Double 50...

    Enter the Saddle (Inside Sankaku) from X-Guard by getting weight on hands, switching X-guard hooks, lift his far leg up. Then from Saddle, when the opponent turns away to do Running Man escape, you can catch the backside 50/50 using the Double 50 variation of trapping his secondary leg with X hooks.

  • CLASS: Osoto Gari, Ouchi Gari, Uchi M...

    This class was about 4 of the takedowns (Osoto Gari, Ouchi Gari, Uchi Mata, Ankle Pick) learned during the week along with a new option Kouchi Gari. We also practiced drilled chaining them together.

  • CLASS: Ouchi Gari and Uchi Mata Taked...

    This video goes over 3 takedowns: Ouchi Gari (Inside Reap, with collar and sleeve grips), Uchi Mata when opponent steps leg back to defend your Osoto Gari, and Ankle Pick when your Uchi Mata does not knock him over.