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CLASS: Americana and Chest-to-Chest Armlock from Top (30-Aug-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 15m

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    When you set up the paper cutter choke from North South, you can get a sneaky armbar with the grips. When he defends your armbar by connecting his hands, you can grip the nearside collar and take your leg off his head to score a sneaky loop choke. You can also set this all up starting from back c...

  • CLASS: Americana and Cutting Armbar f...

    When you are in side control or mount, you can do an Americana or Cutting Armbar by separating the arm and applying the submission using both arms. You can switch between the Americana and Cutting Armbar depending on how the opponent reacts.

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    When the opponent has half guard and sits up with an underhook, you can counter with a cross collar grip. Counter with a cross collar choke on the side or from mounted quarter guard. You can also do an arm-in loop choke.