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CLASS: Stiff Arm and Elbow Push Escapes (11-Sep-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 15m

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    When the opponent has the same side collar grip on you, get a cross collar grip on his sleeve to trap his grip on your collar. Then get your own grip with your forearm underneath his elbow. Pull his posture down and then spin under his arm for the takedown.

  • CLASS: Kneebar from Reverse Half Guar...

    When you have half guard top, backstep into reverse half guard and sit on the opponent's hip. Then grab the knee with the outside arm, grab the heel with your inside hand, and sit onto the floor to straighten out his leg for a kneebar. You can do this from his open guard, half guard, or De La Riva.

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    When you trap the opponent's farside arm in front of his face from your side control, you can trap a straight-jacket and then farside S-Mount armbar. You can also do a farside entry into the back triangle.