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CLASS: Sequence for Footlock, Ham Sandwich, Toe Hold, Knee Bar (24-Sep-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 10m

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    Use the closed guard to enter an overhook on his arm. Then you can execute a sneaky Punch Choke or Americana. You can also get his hands on the mat and hug his head to enter the double underhook and get him in a double Armbar or double Americana.

  • CLASS: Ezikiel Chokes and Variations ...

    You can enter the Ezikiel Choke hold from almost any position where you can hug the opponent's head. This video shows you the basic choke and options with the fist, with nogi, and with arm-in.

  • CLASS: Sneaky Americanas and Kimuras ...

    When in side control top, you can switch you hips facing the head and push the opponent's wrist to the mat to complete an Americana. You can also staple his wrist and slip your other foot under his elbow to lock in a kimura. When under side control, push his arm between your leg and attack the Am...