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CLASS: Armbar from Closed Guard (20-Nov-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 12m

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    Practice pulling guard to get the hip and leg movement of the flying armbar. Then throw your legs directly into the armbar from the standing position before your body hits the ground. When you have an underhook and the opponent is on his knees or in dogfight with you, you can execute the corkscre...

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    When you have closed guard, and you have a cross sleeve grip with the same side pant grip, you can attempt a flower sweep to get his weight onto his far hand. This will give you opportunity to attack the triangle or corkscrew armbar.

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    From you cross sleeve grip in your closed guard, you can do the hip bump sweep or Kimura when he defends the hip bump sweep. Alternatively, you can throw your far leg over onto the same side to trap his arm between your legs. This gives you attack options of a back-up sweep, omoplata, or backtake.