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CLASS: Cutting Armbar from Closed Guard (28-Feb-24)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 14m

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    When you have a seated butterfly guard, and your opponent is on his knees, you can hug him to enter a shoulder crunch. Then you can use the shoulder crunch to execute a cutting armbar. If he rolls, you can remain seated and pull back your leg to execute an armbar from top position when he finishe...

  • CLASS: Options from Omoplata (23-Feb-24)

    When the opponent rolls out of your omoplata, you can roll or backstep into the omoplata. You can also use the entry from closed guard to enter into Williams guard and get the meat hook sweep for finish on top

  • CLASS: Counters to the Omoplata (20-F...

    When the opponent attempts an omoplata, you can counter by stepping over his head to side control, roll onto your knees, doing a counter omoplata, doing a toe crush, or ducking under his legs for a pass.