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CLASS: Spider Guard Attacks from Standing (23-Apr-24)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 12m

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  • CLASS: Intro to Spider Guard (22-Apr-24)

    This is an introduction to the the spider guard, including its definition and basic uses. You can use it to retain guard, sweep the opponent, or enter the triangle submission hold.

  • CLASS: Spider Guard Attacks on kneeli...

    When you have spider guard with double sleeve grip, and the opponent is kneeling with both knees or in combat base (with one knee on mat), you can attack armbars, omoplata, triangle.

  • CLASS: Counters to the Underhook Esca...

    When your opponent attempts to escape your side control by securing an underhook, you can step over his body into a technical mount and launch attacks with a Kimura, omoplata, monoplata, or gold chain armbar.