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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Warmups 4 - S and Hip Switches

VR Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals • 2m 5s

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  • Warmups 5 - Butt Scoots, Combat Base,...

    This video shows you how to do 4 warmup drills: (1) Forward Butt Scoot (2) Get up to Combat Base (3) Sit Through (4) Gecko Walk

  • Pulling Closed Guard

    When you start a match in the standing position, and you want the closed guard position, secure grips on the collar and sleeve. Then put a foot on the hip and sit down while pulling down his upper body. If he remains standing after you sit, raise your hips off the ground using the foot on his hip...

  • Maintaining Side Control

    This video shows the proper way to hold down side control using tightness instead of heavy smashing. Use the cross face to prevent him from turning into you, stay on the balls of your feet, and keep center of gravity very low.