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Armlock from Americana when opponent straightens arm

Submissions • 5m 24s

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  • Arm-In Loop Choke from Half Guard Top

    When you are on top of the opponent's half guard, and he tries to sit up with the underhook, you can counter with a cross collar grip to enter the loop choke. By placing your head to the ground you can balance yourself to use your free foot to clear the guard and then secure and underhook before ...

  • Loop Choke with leg over shoulder

    From cross collar and sleeve guard, you can take away his base with your leg, then get up onto your knees to quickly capture the head in your armpit. Then sit down again throwing your leg over his shoulder to stop his defense of spinning out.

  • Armbar from S-mount

    Armbar from S-mount with details on how to isolate the arm with a tight leg configuration and how to get a tight finish.