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S-mount Switch to other side to Armbar hold

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Barataplata from Closed Guard

Submissions • 4m 11s

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  • S-mount Switch to other side to Armba...

    When you attempt at an armbar from S-mount, the opponent can hide the arm that is being attack under the other arm. This video explains how you can efficiently and tightly switch your S-mount to the other side to attack his top arm.

  • Rotating to keep the armbar from mount

    When you execute an armbar by falling back and the opponent can start escaping by sitting up as soon as your weight is off your chest. This video explains what you need to immediately do in order to keep the armbar, even if he manages to get on to his knees.

  • Key points in keeping the armbar bar

    When you secure the armbar hold from the top position, your opponent may keep trying to get onto his knees until he can escape. This video describes the key points in making sure you can continuously keep the armbar hold and eventually graduate it to a position where he cannot get onto his knees ...