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Basic Clock Choke from Turtle

Submissions • 3m 15s

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  • Wrenching Armbar when forearm pops of...

    When you attempt an omoplata, but his forearm pops out from your hip area, then you can quickly wrench his arm to get an armbar without having to move your hips or legs.

  • Guard Pull to Farside Armbar when he ...

    When you are pulling guard with the collar sleeve, and the opponent grabs the pants of your free leg to defend against the triangle, omoplata, or sweep, you can swing your leg to bring his hand to you and enter an armbar on his arm that was gripping your pants.

  • Guard Pull to Omoplata using collar a...

    When you have the collar and sleeve grip on the one side and press your foot into his hip for a guard pull, you can immediately enter the omoplata. This video includes details on ensuring he can't posture while you're setting up the shoulder lock.