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Cutting Armbar to Americana from closed guard

Submissions • 1m 23s

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    When you force his hands on the mat from your closed guard, you can immediately cup his elbows with your palms. When he pulls up you trap his wrists at your hips. Then open your guard to reinforce the pressure on his elbows with your thighs. You can do a double cutting armbar if you trap both wri...

  • Options from cutting armbar when oppo...

    When doing the cutting armbar and the opponent's shoulder goes low to alleviate the pressure, you can create more pressure by raising his wrist. If he rolls out you can get up to secure a dominant top position or complete a kimura from the north south position.

  • Cutting Armbar from Closed Guard with...

    When doing the cutting armbar from closed guard, you first need to connect the shoulder to your chest and then start wrenching the arm as you move your hips into position for the finish.