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Footlock from Butterfly Ashi leg entanglement

Submissions • 8m 15s

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  • Breaking the Spider Web Armbar Defens...

    When the opponent defends your Armbar from Mount using the Spider Web defensive grip, you can use the Bolt Cutter method of breaking the grip. Use your forearms to pry the grip apart, then finish in the belly down armbar position if he tries to get onto his knees.

  • Breaking the Spider Web Defense for A...

    When your opponent defends your armbar from mount using the spider web defense, grab his leg and lean back to create maximum pressure on his grip. Then use your leg to break his grip.

  • Armbar from Closed Guard when Stacked

    When your opponent stacks you from within your closed guard, and leaves his arm on your chest, you can trap his elbow by climbing the guard until you lock down his shoulders. Then pass your leg over his head and finish the armbar in either directions, standard or corkscrew (belly-down) methods.