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Armbar and Triangle from failed Peruvian Necktie Choke

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Japanese Necktie Choke from Turtle top or Single Leg defense

Submissions • 2m 37s

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  • Armbar and Triangle from failed Peruv...

    When you fail to finish the Peruvian Necktie Choke, you can pull on the farside arm and flip the opponent over for an armbar or a triangle from the backside if his head pops out from under your leg.

  • Japanese Necktie Choke from Darce opp...

    When your opponent attempts an underhook from half guard or a single leg, you can put on the Darce vice grip where you feed your arm under his armpit and connect with your other hand next to his neck. Once you use the vice grip to force his onto his side, you can switch the grip to a gable or S g...

  • Peruvian Necktie Choke using Lapel

    When your opponent is in turtle, you can execute the Peruvian Necktie Choke by feeding your lapel over his shoulder, and feed it to your hand under his armpit. Then throw your leg over his head and back like the nogi version to complete the choke.