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Kimura to Choi Bar to Heisen Sweep

Submissions • 4m 55s

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  • Torqueing Wristlock from cross grip o...

    When your opponent gets a cross grip on your wrist, you can do a torqueing wristlock on him. If he defends it by turning away while standing, you can get a takedown. If he defends it by flaring out his elbow while in your closed guard, you can get the barataplata shoulder lock.

  • Wristlock from side control with oppo...

    When the opponent attempts an underhook from under your side control, block his bicep to stop the undrehook from getting deep, then push his elbow to the mat to secure a sneaky wristlock.

  • Wristlock from mount when opponent va...

    When the opponent does the vampire defense from under your mount by crossing his arms over his chest, you can slide your hand under his top arm and secure a wristlock.