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Counter the Omoplata with your own Omoplata

Submissions • 4m 9s

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  • Corkscrew Armbar from Flower Sweep se...

    When your opponent uses a cross post to defend against your Flower Seep, you can attack the Corkscrew Armbar on the cross post arm by letting go the pant grip to reach for the cross post arm.

  • Flower Sweep set up to Armbar or Tria...

    When the opponent defends your flower sweep by posting his free arm on the mat, you can adjust your hip position to finish an armbar. If he defends the armbar by pulling his arm away, you can enter a triangle hold.

  • Scissors Sweep to Armbar or Triangle

    The collar and sleeve grips with the shin across the chest is a common entry for the basic scissors sweep. These things can also be used to set up a sneaky Armbar or Triangle submission.