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SLX to 50/50 to Backside 50/50 Heel Hook Finish

Submissions • 4m 17s

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  • Gift Wrap Armbar from Side Control Top

    From side control, grip the opponent's nearside hand from behind his head to get the gift wrap hold. Then align your hip side shin along his back, let his head fall out of the gift wrap hold and step over his head to get the armbar. If he defends by grabbing his own hand, step the hip side leg ov...

  • Half Nelson and Ezikiel Chokes from A...

    When you launch an Americana attack, a common defense is to roll away to grab the arm being attack. You can trap him on his side and reach under his nearside arm to attack the Half Nelson or Ezikiel Chokes.

  • Canto Choke from Side Control Top

    When you have side control, secure a thumb-in grip behind the head and step over the opponent's head to get the Canto Choke.