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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Sneaky Overhook Double Armbar from Closed Guard

Submissions • 1m 36s

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    When you secure an overhook from your closed guard, you can use a grip on his far collar to keep his posture broken while applying a choke into the side of his neck with your fist.

  • Overcoming the boot and straight leg ...

    When you attempt a toe hold, your opponent can defend by curling his toes backwards (putting on the "boot"), or straighten his leg. This video shows you how to overcome those defenses.

  • Toe Hold from Knee Shield top with roll

    When you are in the top position of your opponent's knee shield half guard, step your knee over his bottom knee. Then grip the toes of his knee shield leg, and then lock in the toe hold. If he starts to move or straightens his leg, you can roll to the far side to finish off your back.