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Lasso sweep by hooking the far armpit

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 2m 28s

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    When the opponent has a strong base from within your spider guard and making it difficult to move him, you can lasso his arm and hook the far thigh to secure your lasso. then pull move into a 90 degree angle and pull his far shoulder into the direction of the sweep.

  • Spider Guard to Lasso Sweep from Comb...

    When you have spider guard grips and your opponent lifts one leg up in combat base, you can lasso an arm and hook the leg that is up to set up a sweep. Angle your body to 90 degrees relative to his body and then lift your hook on the far leg to get him to fall. Complete the sweep by controlling t...

  • Deep De La Riva Back Sweep to Mount

    When in the De la Riva (DLR) guard, you can get a collar grip and deep DLR hook to do a back sweep and then immediately move into the smash position, where you pass the guard directly into mount.