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Backside 50/50 entry from Standing 50/50 guard

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 27s

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  • Escape Technical Mount using double u...

    When the opponent enters into a technical mount where he settles his weight onto his foot, you can slip both your hands underneath the leg and bridge and then turn to get onto your knees for a single leg sweep.

  • Escaping the Technical Mount using kn...

    A good way to escape the technical mount is during the transition from mount to technical mount. If you anticipate the technical mount, you can pro-actively pull your knee into your elbow before he has time to settle his weight into the technical mount.

  • Understanding the Technical Mount

    When you are in mount and the opponent attempts to bridge your weight off him so he can create space, you can enter the technical mount to avoid getting bridged off your mount. You can also use the technical mount to enter a tight S-mount armbar.