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Understanding the Technical Mount

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 4m 22s

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  • Armbar from Closed Guard when Stacked

    When your opponent stacks you from within your closed guard, and leaves his arm on your chest, you can trap his elbow by climbing the guard until you lock down his shoulders. Then pass your leg over his head and finish the armbar in either directions, standard or corkscrew (belly-down) methods.

  • Pull guard to Corkscrew (Belly-down) ...

    When the opponent defends your guard pull to armbar by pulling out his elbow as you sit, you can switch to the corkscrew (belly-down) armbar by attacking the other arm.

  • Leg Swing Drill for Armbar from Guard

    How to do a continuous drill of swinging the leg into an attacking angle for the armbar from guard. This drill can be done with or without holding your partner's arms. The main goal is to practice the hip motion that will efficiently get you into the armbar from guard.