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Footlock in Butterfly Ashi while facing opponent

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 6m 35s

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  • SLX to Butterfly Ashi Sweep to Footlock

    When the opponent is standing in your Single Leg X (SLX) guard, and takes your foot off his hip and steps off your inside hook, you can transition to the Butterfly Ashi leg entanglement to do the back sweep and then immediately finish with the footlock. This video includes details on the finishin...

  • Footlock from Butterfly Ashi leg enta...

    The Butterfly Ashi is a leg entanglement that is similar to the Straight Ashi entanglement, but the positions of your legs around the trapped leg are slightly different. The most practical application for the butterfly ashi is the straight footlock where you can use the entanglement to rotate to ...

  • 50/50 as defense against Leg Drag fro...

    If the opponent attempts a leg drag from your De La Riva (DLR) guard, defend by circle your foot on the inside of his knee and lift his leg on the other side of your hip to enter the 50/50 position.