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Footlock from Butterfly Ashi leg entanglement

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 8m 15s

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  • 50/50 as defense against Leg Drag fro...

    If the opponent attempts a leg drag from your De La Riva (DLR) guard, defend by circle your foot on the inside of his knee and lift his leg on the other side of your hip to enter the 50/50 position.

  • 50/50 escape to Leg Drag using Leg Wedge

    When in 50/50, you can turn towards the opponent's legs and apply your shin on your free leg behind his inside leg. Then loosen your inside knee enough to slip it behind his inside knee. Apply a hook behind his knee and push yourself up into the leg drag position.

  • 50/50 Escape to Leg Drag

    Escape the 50/50 position by moving your foot to the other side of the opponent's hips and then drive your knee to the mat so that he cannot recover 50/50. Then pin his hips and prevent him from going to turtle before finishing the leg drag pass.