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Clock Choke variation with armpit over head

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 2m 15s

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  • Basic Clock Choke from Turtle

    When your opponent has the turtle position, you can enter the clock choke submission hold if you get the same side collar grip and put your weight forward onto his shoulder and neck. Then want your legs around to tighten the choke.

  • Clock Choke Counter Sweep to side con...

    When the opponent is attempting a clock choke, and he puts his arm under your far armpit, you can trap his arm and roll over your far shoulder for a sweep to side control.

  • Turtle sweep using back bump to side ...

    When you are in the turtle position, and the opponent is in the position ready to do a clock choke, you can pop your head under his armpit and secure grips on his sleeve and pants. Then you can do a sweep by raising your hips and bump him over with your back with options to finish the sweep in si...