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Guard retention from Leg Weave pass attempt

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 2s

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  • Belly Down Armbar from Guard

    When doing the armbar from guard you want push the opponent's head towards the mat. However, when he moves his head in the opposite direction of what you want, then you can roll over your forehead to enter the belly down armbar.

  • Armbar Escape using Figure 4 arm frame

    The Figure 4 arm frame is using the hand of the arm in danger to grab your opposite bicep and locking in the frame with your other hand behind your opponent's leg. This counter is best executed on your knees where you can stack your opponent and pass his guard after escaping.

  • Crucial details of Hitchhiker's armba...

    Crucial details of mechanics and timing of a successful Hitchhiker's escape from the armbar from mount. This video includes several drills that will help you understand when to apply this escape.