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Torqueing Wristlock from cross grip on your wrist

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    Techniques to break the grip on your collar or sleeves from a standing position or from within your opponent's closed guard. These are techniques that use two hands to break the grips where one hand keeps the opponent's arm still, while the other one weakens the grip and then pulls back.

  • Breaking Sleeve Grips from Standing

    When standing, you can break the opponent's cross and same-side grips on your sleeve using your two hands. Weaken the grip using your hand on the gripped arm, hold his arm still with your other hand, and then pull back your hand. You can also use your knee to break the sleeve grip if your other h...

  • Grip Break on Same Side and Cross Col...

    When you are standing and the opponent has a collar grip, uses these techniques to break the cross collar and same side collar grips.