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Kimura Counter to Underhook Half Guard

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 8s

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  • Counter Sweep from Low Knee Cut Pass

    Use this counter sweep when the opponent tries a low knee cut pass with his hips high and head low. When he attempts to pushes your knee to keep you from recovering full guard, you can trap his arm between his legs and do a hook sweep.

  • Whip Up Recovery of Underhook from Sm...

    When being smashed from under half guard, use the Whip Up to create space for an Underhook. You can whip up straight over your head, or side to side. If there isn't space for an immediate underhook, use your butterfly hook or knee to create more space for your underhook.

  • Footlock in Butterfly Ashi while faci...

    When you are in the Butterfly Ashi leg entanglement while facing the opponent, you can execute a very tight straight footlock by getting a deep grip on his foot while catching a little of his heel on your ribs so that he cannot do the boot defense. Your hook behind his knee will prevent him from ...