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Counter the Underhook Side Control Escape with Omoplata

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 2m 3s

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  • Ghost Escape from Side Control using ...

    When your opponent has a tight side control, secure the farside sleeve grip to ensure he cannot transition to a submission hold or to north-south. Then bridge to secure an underhook on his chest. Then start turning away from him and wiggle your body out the space created by your underhook.

  • Side Control Reversal by Brian Peterson

    When you're opponent has side control, turn away to hook the outside of his leg. The quickly turn back into him to block the outside of his knee and arm. When he switches base to clear your hook, bridge and flip yourself over to side control top. This move was inspired by Brian Peterson.

  • Reverse Side Control when opponent sw...

    When the opponent has side control on you, push his bicep while turning onto your side. This baits the opponent to switch his hip base to close up the gap you create. During the transition, you can slide your elbow and knee under his leg creating a platform under his bottom leg. You can then trap...