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Overhead Sweep from X Guard with near sleeve and collar grips

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 2m 12s

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  • X Guard Sweep Options depending on up...

    When you enter X Guard from open guard, the upper body grip that you have will dictate the type of sweep you can do from X Guard. When you have the nearside sleeve or collar grip, you can do an ankle back sweep. If you have the far sleeve grip, you can do a forward sweep. If you have no upper bod...

  • Backside X Guard to Backtake or Leg Drag

    When you enter the Backside X Guard position from X Guard, and your opponent leans forward, you can use the crab ride position to drive his knees to the mat. If he starts rotating, use the hip grip, pant grip, and crab hooks to maintain the backside position that sweeps the opponent and lands you...

  • Backside X Guard Entry and Sweep to L...

    From Spider Guard, enter the X Guard and then begin the Get Up sweep by getting his weight onto the far leg. Then lift his leg and put it on the other side of your head and re-establish your X Guard hooks. Immediately grab his belt and drag him to the mat, landing into the Leg Drag position.