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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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X-Guard to Technical Stand Up Sweep

Fundamentals • 3m 21s

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  • Ankle Pick Takedown

    Push the same-side collar grip to get the weight off the nearside leg, and then pick up the ankle with your other hand. Use the inside hand to pick up the ankle for easier access to the backside.

  • Double Leg Takedown

    Change levels, step forward so that your foot lands under their hips and your shoulder hits the belly. Secure hands behind both legs near the knee. Then step the other forward and tilt your head to the side to push them laterally while holding their legs.

  • Osoto Gari Takedown

    This takedown uses an outside leg reap from standing. Grab a collar grip. Pull them forward to get the reaping leg to step forward. Then step your leg behind his leg, bend forward while pushing his torso down and pulling the sleeve back.