This collection of videos outlines the fundamental techniques that a BJJ practitioner is required to know before he can be considered for promotion to the Blue Belt rank.

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  • Arm Triangle Choke from Side Control and tightening in kneeride or mount

    The Arm Triangle Choke traps the opponent's head and arm. Setting it up from Side Control, adjusting it in kneeride or mount, and then finishing the choke on the far side is a common sequence.

  • Introduction to the X Guard framework and entry

    The X Guard is a very versatile guard with its signature configuration of your legs that look like an X. This video introduces you to an easy way to construct the X guard from an open guard.

  • Basic Side Control Escape to Guard using Frames

    When your opponent has a tight side control with head control, you must start with arm frames, and then bridge into him to add your knee, shin, or feet. Keep increasing the number of limbs to your frame until you have a guard.

  • Half Guard Pass using opponent's farside lapel

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard, you can use the opponent's farside lapel to pin his far shoulder to the mat and work on freeing your leg from his legs. This video addresses common resistance encountered during this passing technique.

  • Basics of Flower Sweep from Closed Guard

    The Flower Sweep is a very low risk sweep that is done from the closed guard. Although it is easy to execute, the timing in which you do the sweep is crucial to the successful execution. This video shows you the basic mechanics of the sweep, when to do the sweep, and how to force the sweep when t...

  • Reverse Sweep from Underhook Half Guard

    When the opponent has a wizzers on your underhook from half guard, trap his wizzer arm, pull his inside leg so that his knee turns in (cayote hook), and then scoot underneath for a reverse sweep.

  • Limp Arm escape from Underhook Half Guard

    Use the Limp Arm escape when the top opponent overhooks your underhook from your half guard. use your underhook to move his weight forward onto his hands and then turn your elbow up. Then look backwards as you pull your arm out.

  • Backtake from Underhook Half Guard

    Take the back from your kneeshield half guard using underhook by throwing his arm off your back and onto the floor. Then move to secure a seatbelt and take his back.

  • Single Leg Sweep from Underhook Half Guard

    Get to the underhook from knee shield half guard, switch leg hooks, and then do the single leg sweep by driving forward until the opponent is seated.

  • Armbar from Closed Guard using Collar and Sleeve grips

    How to enter the armbar from closed guard using the cross collar grip and the cross sleeve grip, including details on how to deal with the opponent resisting by pulling his elbow back, pushing his head back into you, and stepping over your head.

  • Hip Bump Sweep to Kimura from Closed Guard

    When doing the hip bump sweep from closed guard and the opponent posts his hand, you can put his arm into a kimura trap and execute an effective shoulder lock.

  • Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard using Cross Sleeve grip

    When in closed guard and doing the hip bump sweep, you can choose to use the cross sleeve grip to pull your opponent forward. When he resists by pulling back, you can use that momentum to sit up and bump him backwards.

  • Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard using NoGi

    How to do the standard Hip Bump Sweep from closed guard by cupping the elbow to prevent the post.

  • Farside Spinning Armbar from Side Control

    When you have side control, you can start attacking an Americana. If he defends by bringing his arm on the other side to hug your head, you can wrench his arm at his elbow, step over his head, grab his pants, and spin into an armbar. This includes preventing him from defending using his grips.

  • Folding Pass from Knee Shield Half Guard

    When the opponent has knee shield half guard, you can grip his knees and bring to the far side and slide your knee between his thighs. Keep head low against his shoulder and clear his hooks. Then pass to the original side.

  • Leg Weave Pass from Knee Shield Half Guard

    When the opponent has a knee shield half guard, you can use your shoulder or chest to pinch the knees together, place your head on the far shoulder and grip the collar to complete the leg weave pass.

  • Seated Guard Sweeps and Single Leg Takedowns

    This video explains the when the seated guard is appropriate, and shows the sweeps and takedowns you can do with capturing one leg in your seated guard. You can "run the pipe," do a hip drag, or do a double leg takedown.

  • Finishing the Leg Drag Pass from realistic counters

    When opponent counters your leg drag by shrimping into you, or by stepping over his own leg, you can still finish the leg drag pass with these techniques.

  • Muscle Sweep from Closed Guard

    In closed guard, secure a cross sleeve grip. When he stands up to break your closed guard, you get an underhook on his leg and buckle his knee outward to get him to fall. Then push yourself up to mount.

  • Loop Choke with leg over shoulder

    From cross collar and sleeve guard, you can take away his base with your leg, then get up onto your knees to quickly capture the head in your armpit. Then sit down again throwing your leg over his shoulder to stop his defense of spinning out.

  • Backtake from Mount

    When you have mount and the opponent turns to one side in an effort to push one of your legs into a guard, you can trap him on his side and apply a giftwrap hold to and sit back to pull him onto the other side for back control.

  • Cutting Armbar from Mount or Side Control

    When opponent straightens either arm in your mount, you can trap the wrist against your neck and shoulder and wrench the elbow so the arm locks in straight, then push the elbow into your body. You can do the same for the far arm in your side control when he turns into you.

  • Kimura from Knee Shield Half Guard

    When you have knee shield half guard, and you secure kimura grips, you finish the Kimura by removing the knee shield and then rolling all the way to the other side to face his head while applying the shoulder lock.

  • Passing the Quarter Guard

    When in mount and the opponent has a quarter guard, you must remove his defensive arms by securing double underhooks. Then you can use your free foot to help free the trapped foot.