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Seated Guard Sweeps and Single Leg Takedowns

Fundamentals • 17m

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  • Finishing the Leg Drag Pass from real...

    When opponent counters your leg drag by shrimping into you, or by stepping over his own leg, you can still finish the leg drag pass with these techniques.

  • Muscle Sweep from Closed Guard

    In closed guard, secure a cross sleeve grip. When he stands up to break your closed guard, you get an underhook on his leg and buckle his knee outward to get him to fall. Then push yourself up to mount.

  • Loop Choke with leg over shoulder

    From cross collar and sleeve guard, you can take away his base with your leg, then get up onto your knees to quickly capture the head in your armpit. Then sit down again throwing your leg over his shoulder to stop his defense of spinning out.