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CLASS: SLX to Backside 50/50 Finish (3-Sep-23)

Class Instructions • 9m 1s

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    From side control, get a thumb in grip on the cross face arm, then step over head to get the Canto Choke. You can also start with an Americana attack to get the opponent to roll onto his side. When you trap him on his side you can launch the Half Nelson choke, Ezikiel Choke, or nearside Armbar us...

  • CLASS: North South Gi Chokes (31-Aug-23)

    When you have side control and the opponent hugs your head, you can keep him from returning his arm in front of his head while you set up your north south gi chokes. You can do this using his lapel or his collar.

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    Basics of Americana from side control and mount. You can also do a chest-to-chest armlock when the opponent defends by straightening his arm.