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CLASS: Flower Sweep attacks using the cross grip (20-Nov-23)

Class Instructions • 5m 27s

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    From you cross sleeve grip in your closed guard, you can do the hip bump sweep or Kimura when he defends the hip bump sweep. Alternatively, you can throw your far leg over onto the same side to trap his arm between your legs. This gives you attack options of a back-up sweep, omoplata, or backtake.

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    The Hip Bump Sweep is a very good sweep from closed guard when the opponent keeps a good posture. You can do the sweep without a gi by cupping the elbo, or with the gi by holding onto the opponent's cross sleeve. If the opponent drives you back down when you sit up, or he posts his hand on the ma...

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    When your opponent shifts to technical mount, you must seize the vulnerabilities by the space he gives you to escape it. This video shows how to get into technical mount, and then how to deal with escaping it by using elbow-knee connection and double under grips.