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CLASS: Submissions from Scissors Sweep set up (11-Jan-24)

Class Instructions • 6m 44s

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    Scissors Sweep has the basic grips of a cross collar and same-side sleeve grip. This video shows you how to execute the Scissors Sweep when the opponent gives resistance. You can also use the foot on the bicep to overcome the resistance, or you can transition to the Omoplata or Triangle.

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    When you have the cross sleeve and tricep grips on the opponent's sleeve from your guard, you can use them to attack the scissors sweep, arm drag to backtake, bodylock pass, pendulum sweep.

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    Review of Peruvian and Japanese Necktie Chokes. If the Peruvian Necktie Choke fails, you can pull the far arm towards you to attack the armbar or triangle from back. If the Japanese Necktie Choke fails you can switch your grip to an Anaconda Choke.