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CLASS: Half Guard Pass using opponent's lapel (25-Mar-24)

Class Instructions • 14m

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    When you have side control or knee ride, you can secure palm up and palm down grips on the opponent's collar or farside lapel to enter chokes from North South. You can also use the same 2 grips on either the collar or lapel to enter the Baseball Bat Choke.

  • CLASS: Entries to Butterfly Hook Swee...

    When your opponent is on his knees and you have a cross sleeve grip, you can do an arm drag to secure a grip on his back and enter the hook sweep. You can also enter the hook sweep from the opponent's knee slice pass attempt.

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    The most common uses for the butterfly guard is to do a sweep either with same-side sleeve grip or cross-sleeve grip, guard recovery from side control, or entry into the Single Leg X position (Irimi Ashi entanglement).